Tuition Rates and Fees

Registration Fees: $35/single or $45/family

Monthly Tuition
30 minute lessons: $105
45 minute lessons: $155
1 hour lessons (one or two teachers with same student): $210

Family Rates
Regular tuition for first student, $5 off regular tuition each month for second student, $10 off regular tuition each month for third and subsequent students.

Semester Plan
If you prefer to pay by semester (Aug-Dec and Jan-May), we will give you a 5% discount.  Entire semester must be paid by the end of the first month (August 30 or January 30) and I need to know of your intention at the first lesson of the semester.  The current semester rate is $498.

Recital Fee (April and October): $5 per student/$10 per family

Trial Lesson/Single Lesson Fee: $27/half hour

Late Payment/Bounced Check Fee
$25 per occurrence (late payment is after the 10th of the month as payment is due the first week of the month).  I usually let your first month of late payment slide, but if it becomes a pattern I will enforce this.  After three months of late payments you will be required to sign up for automatic withdrawal.

If you have a complicated or busy summer schedule, please tell us!  We offer flexible scheduling in the summer.  We’d rather you have 2 or 3 lessons and save your regular time than quit and lose it!

Studio Policies
These policies let students and parents know what they can expect from us, and what we expect of them. Please read through these policies very carefully before signing the registration form for lessons.

Student Policies and Information
Each student needs to bring his or her instrument in good working order (except for piano), their lesson book(s) and music, clean teeth (for brass and woodwinds), trimmed nails, freshly washed hands, and a good attitude for each and every lesson. Students are expected to practice as much as they need to in order to be prepared for their lesson, and teachers will establish minimum practice expectations for each individual student. Typical practice requirements are 15-20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, but will vary with age and experience.

All children (including students and visitors) under age 17 must be supervised by an adult at all times. Parents are expected to stay at the school during lessons, and are welcome and encouraged to observe lessons at any time. Parents are expected to provide necessary supplies and equipment in a timely manner. If a student is late for a lesson, the lesson will still end at the scheduled time (so as to not inconvenience later students), so please be prompt. Teachers should be made aware of any physical disabilities, learning disabilities (including ADD/ADHD), or other considerations that may in any way affect the student’s progress so that we can best serve his or her needs. (This information will be held in strictest confidence.)

Tuition is $105 per month for weekly 30-minute lessons, and $210 per month for weekly 60-minute lessons. This is a flat rate that covers 3-5 lessons per month (one each week). There is no pro-rating for lessons missed by the STUDENT. Lessons missed by the teacher will be discounted or made up at the teacher’s discretion. Lessons are ongoing throughout the year and students are expected to continue month to month unless they give written notice of termination (see below). It is assumed that students will continue through the summer unless they give notice to their teacher.

There is a $35 registration fee per student (maximum $45 per family) due with the first month‘s tuition. Tuition is payable by check, cash or we do offer automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account. See the director, Alison Suell, for more information or to sign up. Tuition for the month is due the first lesson of the month, or by the 8th of each month. There is a late fee of $25 for unpaid tuition or fees after two weeks. There is an NSF (non-sufficient funds) fee of $25 per occurrence for returned checks. If a student is repeatedly late paying their tuition, the school will require you to sign up for automatic withdrawal.

There are no refunds on lessons missed by the student. Our schedule is full, and therefore we are unable to reschedule any student-missed lessons. Students must cancel their lesson if they are ill. To cancel a lesson, please contact your teacher (or the school at 502-609-6691 if you cannot reach your teacher) with at least 4 hours notice. Students will not be charged for lessons canceled by the school or your teacher. We are only closed for holidays. Please call your teacher in case of inclement weather. There are usually still lessons on snow days that clear up by the afternoon hours.

If a student discontinues lessons for any reason, we require 30 DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE.  Lessons are to be paid through this 30 day period.  It is the student’s discretion whether these lessons are attended or not. This is also a policy of the Music Teachers National Association. The school may terminate a student without notice or refund for failure to follow policies, including insufficient practice time, poor attitude, or late payment.