About Lessons

Notable Beginnings Music School offers individual weekly 30-, 45- and 60-minute lessons with patient, experienced teachers in a comfortable, nurturing environment. Since all instruction is one-on-one, each student is assured of the highest level of attention and personalized instruction. Parents are welcome – and encouraged! – to observe lessons at any time.  It is hard to describe what actually happens in private lesson since every teacher, student and situation is different.  If you are curious, please contact us and we will put you in touch with an appropriate teacher.

When students choose to play a musical instrument, it can be a confusing and frustrating experience if they try to learn on their own or even as part of a large class at school. During individual lessons, we focus on students’ strengths and help them learn correct technique and the skills they need in order to improve.  Private lessons are the perfect complement to school music programs, and most students are surprised at their improvement with just a few months of lessons.

We love working with absolute beginners, no matter if they are school-aged or adults. Our teachers will patiently explain:

  • The correct way to assemble and care for the instrument
  • How to hold or use the instrument properly in order to minimize the chance for future repetitive stress injuries
  • How to produce a good tone
  • How to sit or stand with optimum balance and form for the best sound and comfort
  • How and how long to practice at home for best results appropriate to the student’s age and ability

Students will learn to read music gradually as appropriate for their age and learning ability.  Learning to read music is just like learning to read any language.  It requires daily practice and patience.

We also work with many students who started in other programs but have become frustrated with either their own lack of progress or the slow pace of other students. With continuing musicians, we ensure that all of the basic techniques and skills are at the appropriate level, and then we progress at the student’s own pace. Usually, these students are amazed at how quickly we can work through problem areas together. This is often just what they need to become motivated again.

Age Minimums for Private Lessons
Individual lessons on different instruments require different levels of physical and intellectual maturity (must be big enough to hold the instrument!). As music educators with a great deal of experience working with beginners, we have found that starting a child on formal study when they are too young can cause frustration. We do understand that there are a few children who may be ready at a younger age, and some may not be ready until a few years after their peers are, but the majority of children are ready for each instrument around a certain age. We have established the following age minimums for each area:

  • Age 3: Suzuki Violin, Viola or Cello (parent MUST attend)
  • Age 5: Piano, Traditional Strings, Guitar, Voice
  • Age 8: Brass, Woodwinds

We adhere to these age minimums because we are not willing to risk the possibility of turning a child off to music by starting a child before they are ready.

Student Opportunities & Achievements
We also work with students on specific projects, such as audition preparation and solos for music festivals. Our students have successfully auditioned into:

  • First chairs and leadership positions in their school music groups
  • Youth Performing Arts School
  • Louisville Youth Band
  • Louisville Youth Orchestra
  • All-County, All-District and All-State Bands and Orchestras
  • University Honor Bands
  • Governor’s School for the Arts
  • Sewanee Summer Music Festival
  • The prestigious, international Interlochen Academy Summer Program
  • University Music Schools (including University of Louisville and University of Kentucky) on substantial music scholarships

Since 2002, more than 95% of our students who participated in the Kentucky Music Educators Association Solo and Ensemble festival earned the highest rating.

What makes Notable Beginnings different from your local music shop?

Experienced, caring teachers
Our instructors all have college degrees in music, education, or a related field, and extensive performance experience. Most of our instructors also have an advanced music degree or are in the process of obtaining one. But education isn’t the only requirement to join our staff. Our teachers are carefully chosen to be friendly, easy to work with, and to possess outstanding teaching skills.

Focus on teaching
All we do is teach. We don’t sell supplies or rent instruments. This allows us to specialize in one thing: providing high quality music education from some of the best teachers in town.  We also offer large lesson rooms, with plenty of space for parents/siblings to observe and not feel like they’re “on top of” the teacher and student.  Much larger than those closets in the back of a music store!  There are also waiting areas for family members who do not wish to sit in on lessons.

Professional, comfortable school environment
Our goal is to provide an inviting school experience, yet one that is professionally conducted. Notable Beginnings Music School isn’t a sideline or a hobby. We’re committed to being a significant part of Louisville’s outstanding music education community.  Our teachers are teaching for a living and because they love it.  It’s not a hobby or side gig.  We teach because we want to and love it!

Individual lessons
Individual lessons ensure that our students have their teachers’ undivided attention and can progress at a level suited to their personal goals and abilities.

All ages
Our students have ranged in age from 3 to 81. Our goal is to teach what the student wants to learn so that music can be a rewarding experience for all ages and abilities.

Specializing in children with special needs
We know from experience how music can positively impact a child with a learning disability or other challenge. We welcome students who may require an extra measure of patience and kindness.  If you do have a special learner, we ask that you have a meeting with your new teacher without the student present to discuss what the teacher can expect.  This will allow the teacher to better prepare for your student’s lessons and to tailor a program to his or her needs.

Team attitude
Lessons at Notable Beginnings Music School complement the valuable work done by our students’ classroom music teachers. We can also tailor instruction to integrate with home-school curriculum at all levels.