A New Notable Beginning

So, here’s my attempt at blogging. I’m not sure how this will go, but my advertising/website guy says I need to update my website frequently to keep it “fresh” so it places better in google searches or some such nonsense, so congrats if you’re still reading.

At first I thought, “what in the world do I talk about?” Then he pointed out I’d been in music for just under a million years, so I should have plenty of musical stuff to talk about, 21 years of private teaching and two degrees just to start.

And thus, here it is, The (not-so) Notable Blog. I shall endeavor to entertian you with my wit and wisdom concerning all things music, music teaching, family-kids-school-health-work-life-sanity balance, and whatever else I feel like talking about.

And like any goals, if I tell you what I’m going to try to do, you can help keep me in line, right?  Well, I’m shooting for 1-2 posts per week.  (One is the real goal, two is a hey, this is a great week!)

Are you ready?  Did you practice today?

The Notable Blog

Welcome to our new website, and our hopefully weekly blog updates!  Since I don’t get to see everyone who comes through our doors at NBMS, I hope to use this as a medium to connect with everyone.

As you know, I am a musician, not a web designer.  So please have patience with me as I learn to update this thing and make our website a bit sparklier!

I’d like to ask everyone’s help in keeping this blog updated.  I want to publish all our students’ wonderful achievements, from being in the school play to ratings at solo/ensemble contest.  So please send me email (kim@notablebeginnings.com) and keep me posted on what your fantastic kids are up to.  I’ll be happy to post information about concerts, plays, recitals, etc., and general bragging things, too!

Speaking of general updates, if you haven’t heard my news yet, let me tell you!  My husband James and I are expecting our first child around March 9, 2010.  (Just in time for our second wedding anniversary and James’ 30-somethingth birthday!)  I’m not looking too pregnant yet, but I’m sure it’ll be popping out any day now!

So, now to see if this thing works or I’ve totally broken it…

Your fearless leader-
Kim Fanning