MusikGarten and Recitals…

MusikGarten classes start this week!  There are still spots available.  If you have any interest at all, please contact Amy Dobben about visiting a class!!  You can send her an email from the “Our Teachers” page.

We have a date set for the Fall Costume Recitals – October 23!  The recitals will be across the street at Immanuel UCC (same place as April).  I’m not sure about the times yet, but plan on there being at least two recitals, with one in the early afternoon and one towards the later afternoon.  Dependent upon interest, we may even have to do three separate recitals!

The Annex is now open.  If you’re having trouble finding your teacher, they may have moved over there!  Check the board in the main building for an update on who is in the Annex that day!